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Price Circuits LLC. is ultimately committed to understand, and exceed our customer's expectations by continuously reviewing and improving our processes. We are dedicated to delivering defect-free product, on-time and at the most competitive cost possible.

100% Inspection Everytime

We strive to exceed our customers expectations by providing pro-active engineering support throughout the product development cycle.

Components to ensure superior quality:

  • Highly trained and experienced quality engineers.

  • ISO 9001:2008 certification.

  • Technologically advanced AOI systems.

  • Superior registration system with SPC data.

  • X-Ray Florescence system for the measurement of our precious metals plating.

  • Automated analysis of all wet process area insuring all processes are at 100% all of the time.

  • Smart drill and X-Ray verification in drilling for optimum registration done on all multilayers.

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D-Coupon Testing

Machinery Control Checks 


Circuitronics LLC/Price Circuits LLC have devoted its energies to creating the most sophisticated printed circuit boards in the industry and has been dubbed an “Engineers Playground”. Our expertise in "out-of-the-box" solutions has made us leaders in advance technologies.

Our combined commitment to quality and excellent customer service has placed us among the top printed circuit board suppliers in the nation.


Our goal for the future is to continuously improve our facility and our processes so we can ensure that our customers will stay on the leading edge of technology, and ahead of their competition.


Ed- Research & Development DOD

"Shelley worked hard to get a chance to build a trusted working relationship with us, and you’ve all justified this with the work you’ve done so far this year.  Your most recent work on our challenging Interposer Node Array PCB is now a core part of advancing a critical defense technology designed to protect our men and women in service around the globe.  Your fab team’s flawless execution of a 10-mil thick multilayer PCB array of 1,000 micro-circuits with 3 mil space & trace and 30,000 tight-tolerance laser drills was a real achievement – and you delivered early.  Communication was excellent and appreciated, from Valerie’s constant updates and David Drews’ intelligent management of our input, to Shelley helping us track the final deliverables. Congratulations, fine work. "

Dale- Prime Defense Contractor

Congratulations on the AS9100 certification.
Great news for the company, a testament to the great work you do.

Susan- Prime Defense Contractor

You and your team have proven to be by far the most reliable vendors we have. I cannot thank you enough.

Ken- Aerospace Manufacturer

I look forward to doing more business with you and the rest of Price Circuits. 

Kim- Prime Defense Contractor

Your team is our best vendor.

Thank you  Valerie , Sibi  and Anthony  for  another year of great service.

I also offer great appreciation to all the people on your production line who make it possible.

Holly- Automotive Tier 1 

We have been very pleased with our business with your company and look forward to this continuing.

Trevor- Medical Manufacturer

Thanks again to your entire team for your support  this year.

Our relationship with your company is very important to us and contributes to our success.

 Lisa- Chip Manufacturer

We certainly appreciate your team’s support with all of the quoting requests lately!  Always very helpful.  Price Circuits is probably our most requested supplier from our team in Lisle.  

Jack- Leading Contract Manufacturer

“We just order the boards, and they show up on time, and there’s no issues.” 

Ken- Aerospace Contracto

I like the quality of work I have seen from Price.

Ed- Prime Contractor 

Price is my go-to place for all of my PCB fabrication and assembly.
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