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Our valued clients include Fortune 500 companies, Research & Development Centers, Universities and DOD Prime government contractors.

We are a chief supplier and primary leader in key innovative and leading edge technologies. Our proficiencies in the PCB industry have opened doors and created alliances in the most lucrative and competitive business markets.

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Aerospace & Defense

The aerospace and military industries demand high reliability PCB’s. Our world-class manufacturing techniques exceed the demands of its high caliber markets. As an ITAR registered company that is AS9100 certified, we take these into consideration and provide PCBs’ to support the stringent requirements of Aerospace & Defense. From engineering solutions, PCB materials, mil-spec documentations, stack up considerations, and more, we understand the precision required to fabricate highly reliable PCBs’ that are mission critical. We at Price Circuits LLC fully recognize these types of high quality circuit boards experience rigorous applications and superior standards and acceptance criteria. So whether its communications, visions. Sensors, flight, or unmanned, trust us with the expertise to support your variety of applications.



The medical industry depends on machines, equipment and devices with high levels of reliability and traceability. Our specialized processes, stringent quality systems , and strict controls consistently meet the challenges of the medical industry. Our ability to produce innovative products with precision has made us an elite supplier for medical applications. So allow us to support you throughout the beginning stages of a design to full blown manufacturing of precision critical products.

MRI Scans

Automotive & Transportation

Our years of experience, dedication to high quality and our commitment to customer service have made us a major supplier to tier one automotive suppliers. From prototype’s at warp speed turns to high volume printed circuit boards we can support the demanding needs of the automotive industry. We produce a wide range of printed circuit boards used in various applications, including telematics ,engine control modules, navigation, brake and steering systems, camera, Rf/Mwave for radar, LIDAR, and numerous passenger safety systems. In addition, our expertise in providing solutions in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)  has allowed us to be a preferred partner to top tier automotive leaders. With our engineering expertise, continuous process improvement, and multiple off-shore facilities, we are able to meet the challenging demands of the automotive market by providing the highest quality products.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Research and development, also known as R&D, is the process by which a company works to generate new knowledge that it might use to create new technology, products, services, or systems . Price Circuits ongoing effort to develop and improve our processes by our highly skilled team allows us to support the new technologies developing in the industry. Experimentation and innovation begins with ideation and theorizing, followed by research and exploration and then into design and development, in particular in manufacturing and engineering .It often involves designs, prototyping, trials, testing and refinement. Prototyping is key to the development phase as it allows you to identify and overcome issues, and improve the design. Eventually, for those in manufacturing development, you move into manufacturing trials where you look to produce the product on a larger scale. With Price Circuits extensive background in supporting a variety of industries and building complex, high reliability boards often supporting emerging technologies has laid the groundwork of our success in the development of new products.

Communication Tower


Our leading edge processes in development and manufacturing bring the power of world-wide communication and video to the palm of your hand. Our technology in advanced HDI, flex, and rigid flex circuits, combined with prototype to production capabilities, make us the solution to all of your telecommunication needs. These applications include cellular base stations, transport systems, hubs, routers and countless other devices that interface with networks such as smartphones, computer and miscellaneous mobile platforms.

Satellite & Antenna

Satellite & Antenna 

Price Circuits LLC has been building PCBs for Antenna Applications for over 20 years , and we have supported almost every construction method and antenna type. Our engineers have extensive experience on tolerances,  materials , restrictions of applications, and designs can create. We are diligent to support our customers’ needs by providing engineering support to get you the antenna that works best for your application. Working with our team of experts can help you optimize the impact of your design.

Oftentimes the antenna is the one area where the right design and stack-up has the most influence on the products optimal performance. Antenna PCB design and RF layout are the two most essential factors of any wireless device. You can take two identical RF products, each with a different PCB antenna design and layout and get two vastly different RF performance ranges. What’s the difference between them ? It’s all about quality and consideration taken during the design process. So whether your design is going into applications for RF, Microwave, Microelectronics, 5G technology, IoT, COTS, ADAS, LIDAR, Aerospace or Defense, rest assured we have the knowledge to help.

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Price Circuits LLC industry experience and our state-of-the-art technologies in manufacturing and vast background in advanced materials makes us the preferred choice on wearable electronics PCB’s. Optimizing our extensive experience with miniaturization will allow us to support your project from the initial design through assembly. We have worked on many types of projects for the wearable electronics industry including medical, consumer wearables, fitness, or headsets.

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