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An Engineer's 


Leading Edge PC Boards Built in America



For 30 years our commitment to quality technology and superior service has placed us among the nations top printed circuit board manufacturers. Our expertise in "out of the box" solutions has made us leaders in the industry for advanced technologies

You Dream It, and We Will Build It.


Price Circuits LLC/Circuitronics has devoted its energies to creating the most sophisticated printed circuit boards in the industry, and has been dubbed an “Engineers Playground” because of its technical expertise in the process development and implementation of these cutting edge technologies.

Key Supplier

Price Circuits LLC is proud to be key supplier of Northrop Grumman on their Guided 57mm Ammunition, a breakthrough technology with the unique ability to continuously guide itself to a moving target.


Leading Edge PC Boards Built in America


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  • Sequential HDI

  • Asymmetric Stack-Ups

  • RF & Microwave

  • Flex & Rigid Flex

  • Signal Integrity

  • Microelectronics

  • Unparalled Controlled Plating Process

  • And Much More...


  • Sequential Lamination

  • Stacked Micro Vias

  • Rigid Up to 36 Layers

  • High Performance Materials

  • Hybrid Stack-Ups

  • Silver EMI Shielding

  • Flex & Rigid Flex

  • High Frequency PCB’s

  • Metal Core & Metal Back

  • Laser Routing

  • Thermal Management

  • Engineering Support

  • Controlled Impedance

  • Electrical Testing

  • End Market Solutions

  • Heavy Copper Pcb’s

  • High Tg Pcb’s

  • Value Driven Engineering

Ed- Research & Development DOD

"Shelley worked hard to get a chance to build a trusted working relationship with us, and you’ve all justified this with the work you’ve done so far this year.  Your most recent work on our challenging Interposer Node Array PCB is now a core part of advancing a critical defense technology designed to protect our men and women in service around the globe.  Your fab team’s flawless execution of a 10-mil thick multilayer PCB array of 1,000 micro-circuits with 3 mil space & trace and 30,000 tight-tolerance laser drills was a real achievement – and you delivered early.  Communication was excellent and appreciated, from Valerie’s constant updates and David Drews’ intelligent management of our input, to Shelley helping us track the final deliverables. 
Congratulations, fine work. "
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